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My Journey into “Reds”(Sorta)

How I got Here:

Okay, so I’m sure you’re saying, “what’s this?” Yes, I’ve opened another blog site to introduce myself (many FBF’s already know) I’m making my own wines now. I just love making things and well, so many of you are curious as to this new journey of winemaking. Actually I’ve been making wines since 2015 after blundering around in the cake making business and feeling a little frustrated over trying to do so in Fort Lauderdale. This is a strange place for trying to start a business. It’s such a “big business” city. Big businesses that are so cookie cut that they have squeezed out unique businesses. And everyone is so used to just going to Publix to pick up some flavorless crap. I’m so over it all. Anyway, fast forward to two years later I’m publicizing my journey into blending my two loves of baking and making wine. There are no local wineries in Fort Lauderdale. What we have here is again, big businesses like Total Wines which has a wine bar or tasting bar but that isn’t a winery.  Florida’s problem is that it’s not a place conducive for making traditional wines. Our weather just won’t allow it except for muscadine grapes which aren’t your traditional grapes for winemaking but, rather would create a country style wine. So, I’m calling this blog: “Black Girl, Grapes and Butter Bakes in the City!” Come along with me by following me…I’m going to combine these two loves of mine….one glass of wine and well, one slice of cake at a time!


For the past 2 years I’ve been experimenting with white wines. My first wine was a peach wine, then I made a pineapple and ginger wine and a strawberry hibiscus wine. I submitted the pineapple and the strawberry wines to an International winemaker’s contest and won 2nd place for my Pineapple Ginger wine last year (2016)! I was so excited because I am so green to this entire process. Now, I’m venturing into the red wines. I’ve decided to start with the country style wines and blend with a red grape. Below is my blackberry, blueberry merlot wine. I will enter it next year when the Merlot has a bit longer to age. It is delicious but the Merlot portion (about 1/3 of the 1 gallon batch) needs a bit more time (about a total of 15 – 18 months) to age to maturity.

How I got started:

I do my research. Read. Buy books and read, read, read… ready though…This is a costly hobby! But, I’m on this journey to make award-winning wines….then to open a winery with my delicious butter bakes. There are 9 African-Americans in America who own wineries….I plan on being #10. I don’t know how…I’m just another broke teacher…but, everything in order….I have to master the red wine category with actual wine must. That’s my next goal….no easy feat….I’m on this journey….follow my blog….I hope you’re inspired to do what you’re passionate about. blackberry blueberry merlot wine


I’m working on a luscious chocolate cake with a hibiscus cream cheese filling and a rich, dark chocolate frosting to pair with this red wine. *


It’s a rich chocolate cake with a coconut chocolate fudge cream cheese buttercream frosting with a strawberry/raspberry filling! It’s OMG delicious! After posting this I made this luscious chocolate cake.It’s melt in your mouth fantastic!


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