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The Sweeter the Better

The thing is making wine isn’t that hard (in small quantities) but, you do have to do research to learn (as opposed to learning by word of mouth). You want to be safe so read all you can about anything new. This is my blackberry wine in the photo. Living in South Florida blackberries don’t grow here much. I have found one that will a bit but, it gets too hot here. So obtaining blackberries will come from grocery stores.

This wine went through lots of changes. It went from tasting like something very bitter and frankly, gross (for about a year) to a delicious sweet blackberry wine! I wasn’t a wine drinker when I took up this hobby so, at times I’d question what was meant by back-sweetening your wine until I got the knack. Think of a Sprite soda (effervescent, fresh than an increasing sweet flavor right before you swallow. That’s what it’s like trying to sweeten your wine. It’s something only the wine maker can obtain the right balance (if they’re doing it at all).

Back to my blackberry wine. I think I’ll enter it into a contest. It could win. Nice after taste…nice aroma and beautiful color. It took lots of berries (pounds and pounds–thank God I have a Sam’s card but when I open my winery I’ll be able to get the best tasting fruit. Honestly, fruit in the store looks prettier than it tastes because they pick the fruit under-ripe. In wine making you want overly sweet fruit (just before it would “go bad).” Anyway, for now, enjoy the advice and the photo.BLACKBERRY WINE

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